What is Responsibility?

What is responsibility

responsibility is

                        …..the price of freedom

                                           …cool but…

Is responsibility cool?

Is it gained at the price of freedom?

When does responsibility become a chore and a bore?

When does fun, not become fun anymore?

For a long time I have known that my purpose in this lifetime is to seek out and explore the line between responsibility and wildness in order to ultimately feel a sense of freedom (and belonging,) and then to share this with the world.

A few years after I had ‘wild’ and ‘true’ tattooed on my knuckles – which for me is a reminder to connect in with feelings of uninhibited, unedited, wildness AND our duty or responsibility to take a stand for what is true, to speak up, be kind, tell the truth and take care of ourselves and one another – I read what Richard Rudd’s book ‘Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA’ had to say for me around my life’s work, and was blown away by the powerful synergy of what I read.

He literally used the words exploring the relationship between wildness and responsibility!!

When I read that I knew what my podcast was going to be about.

But just because I know that this is what I am here for, and that the keys to feeling happy, proud, satisfied and fulfilled are in mindfully balancing my these two propensities, doesn’t mean that I always get the ratio right.

Ever since I can remember I have always been equally fascinated by exploring our uninhibited, natural, carefree, pleasure led, wild nature AND also our logical, pragmatic, linear, compartmentalised, responsible one.

For me exploring the balance between deliberate structure and unplanned freedom is literally what life is about.

We need one to create the other and vice versa.

Too much of either one limits expansion and turns FUN into not fun, very fast.

Not having enough structure means that we can waste time in procrastination, overwhelm and not knowing what to focus on.

Too much structure and we can feel like the fun and the soul was zapped from our lives.

Most creatives need to embrace routine and consistency a little more in order to move the needle and actually see results in their businesses.

Many creatives need to adult the fuck up and stop waiting for someone to rescue them.

But, some need to let go of the ‘shoulds’ and the compliance and the conforming and allow their authentic selves to pour forth unedited more often.

Some need to find what is fun for them and work on allowing it to be FUN!

Ever since I started my coaching business, and developed my unique style – I have always prided myself on the way that I have one foot firmly planted in the masculine, linear, structured, strategic, systematic, challenging, tangible and the other firmly planted in the mystical, magical, feminine, cyclical, “feely”, compassionate, and intangible.

It is my duality and the ownership and embracing thereof that has led me to my superpowers.

It is this duality that has enabled me to help so many incredible creatives to embrace structure and schedules and systems and to find freedom through being more responsible with their time and their resources.

It is this duality that has enabled me to trust my inner knowing and coach intuitively, guided by superflow and spirit.

But duality stops being duality if one of the aspects overrides the other.

Having the right ratios is vital for success.

In baking, in marketing, in business and in life!

In 2012 I left my party girl persona behind and intentionally evolved into a responsible business owner and conscious human.

Over the past five years I have explored and trialled, thrown ideas at the wall, failed forward countless times and created more content and offers than I have ever really needed to publish or put out.  

Over the last 18 months I have honed The Misfit to Maven Way, studiously created systems, and refined my business in a strategic and systematic way.

A year ago I decided to make a really significant success of my business and to do whatever it took to increase our revenue, streamline our operations and enable us to scale and create a much larger impact than I ever realised I might want.

I decided to take myself and my mission seriously.

I sought out the right help for each bit, investing heavily in mentors and coaches.

I leaned into the ‘responsible’ and I got sh*t done.

The results speak for themselves. For the first time in my business I can see how what I do is scalable and I know that we can grow and help many more people without me hustling or hurting myself in the process. I have a team I trust and who enjoy their work. Everything’s going great, but I could feel a shift coming, and recently I realised that the fun, the impulsive and the naivety of just being, without a plan had taken too much of a back seat.

So once the timing was right, we shifted focus.
The focus for me right now is on FUN, on FLOW on FEELING GOOD and allowing my Feminine to guide me. Supported by the structures we have in place. Supported by the container and the masculine, the feminine is safe to flow.

One of my tag lines for the last 5 years has been WORK LESS ~ PLAY MORE and right now the time is right for me to heed my own advice and do just that!

The essence of what I teach is ‘stay wild, stay true, always be you’ and right now more WILD is needed…

So, I am off on an adventure for six weeks. I am travelling and open to the magic and the flow.

Its a balance, and sometimes balance isn’t a 50:50 thing. Getting the ratios right is important.

Doing an audit of what is working and what isn’t working is important.

What do you need more of?

Do you need to take more responsibility or get looser and shake things up a bit?

Do you need more flow and surrender or more structure and routine?

If you know that you need structure and to take yourself and your business more seriously – check out my 1:1 coaching experience: WAKE UP

If you feel like you have veered too far down the path of compliance and conformity then my new BE KIND coaching mini retreat is for you!

  • Yes, we’ll dive deeper into the nitty gritty and you’ll leave with a growth strategy
  • Yes, we’ll explore and release the blocks and limitations that are blocking your true states of abundance and superflow
  • Yes, we’ll get your head, heart and gut brains in alignment and coherence with your next level identity

BUT, we’re also going to have some FUN!!

This two day mini retreat is all about reconnecting with your inner mischief maker. Its about unleashing your inner wild child and re-engaging your playful prowess.

If you are a creative misfit who wants to create or expand a business and life that is as unique & extraordinary as you are, so that it truly feels as good on the inside as it perhaps looks on the outside – I can help.

If you are in need of clarity and consistency, structure and stability. Then I can help.

If you have lost your mojo and life doesn’t feel sexy, exciting or juicy anymore. I can help.

To apply email support[at]ebonieallard.com with IT’S TIME TO SHINE in the subject line and complete these three sentences:
  1. My purpose or mission is…
  2. I feel stuck or stagnant because…
  3. I want to work with Ebonie because…
Stay Wild, Stay True, Always be YOU

BIG Love


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