I recently realised it was time to take some time out to work ON my business instead of just in it when I invested in a huge (for me) launch and landed with a belly flopping thud.

More on that here if you missed it. Which led to me making these realisations about myself and telling you all what a mess  I was in…In amidst all the reflecting, and travelling and sun chasing around Spain and the Mediterranean, I realised that I was making some assumptions about my potential clients.


I was assuming that I knew how my people wanted to work with me, I was assuming that I knew how I wanted to work with them, and I had kinda forgotten to check in and see if I was still enjoying my business or whether I had some course correction to do!!

Why Market research is continually important!

It was time to go back to basics and ASK

so thats what I did.

I put together a survey of 8 questions (I used survey monkey) which I sent out to my mailing list and put in my facebook group and here is what I learned:

Most of my people have 1-3 years in their business, and that business is their full time occupation.

Most of the respondents want work at your own pace workbooks from me (60%)

BUT they also want:

  • One to One virtual ongoing coaching. (Mixture of video and audio calls)
  • Small group virtual coaching with workbooks (Weekly live coaching calls. NO more than 6 people in a pod)
  • Small group retreats (going somewhere lovely to work)

This was interesting to me, and whilst I am still not 100% sure that my course works best as a DIY, I have to at least take this on board.

Most of you prefer the term solopreneur or self employed or business owner to describe your work situation.

In terms of length of time you want to be coached by me one to one;

Most of my survey respondents said that they thought that 3 months feels like a comfy amount of time to work together…

BUT the disparity was substantial enough for the definitive result to be inconclusive, some wanted six months, some wanted shorter like a one day or a weekend intensive whilst others said that a year felt good.

Interestingly, a lot of people said that they would want to do a one off thing with me first with the option of upgrading to more. This mostly came about from having signed up to work with other coaches and then being disappointed or let down. Many people said that they wanted to see some results before signing up for more.

When I asked about frequency of ongoing work, it was biweekly or fortnightly was fav by FAR! (which is what my intuition had told me, and is good to know)

What I found particularly interesting was that of the all the respondents to the survey, 86% have not worked with me before.

and it pleased me to learn (although I had already suspected) that of those that have worked with me, 100% would work with me again for a top up, new programme or a retreat.

So, what was so useful about doing this market research for my lifestyle business?

Well, without it I was doing what I thought people wanted me to do, without checking with them first, or checking in to see how I felt about it.

The next thing I did was to ask myself what I enjoy the most – what kind of work lights me up and makes me feel the best about doing it?

From here I was able to design new packages which I will announce in the next two weeks…

The whole process of engaging with my people and asking them not just who they are and what makes them tick (I get a lot of that info from hanging out on Facebook in my group with all my awesome misfit entrepreneurs) but also how they want to have their coaching packaged has really helped me to stay engaged and responsive to the needs of the people I am in business for!

When was the last time you asked your people questions?

What did you ask and how was it useful?

I’d love your answers in the comments please!


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