You're intelligent, you're motivated, and you work hard - you've managed to get this far on your own, but if you're really honest its exhausting and its not sustainable.

There's not enough time or space for everything you are trying to do!

You're wearing too many hats and trying too be too many things to too many people.

If you stop for long enough to check, deep down you feel 'ARGH!' about your business or your life and you'd love to feel a sense of 'AHHH!' instead.

You've gotten this far on pure grit and determination, but now you're ready for it to be easier, smoother, simpler and more FUN!

I can help!

Just be clear though, there's no formula, no follow my lead path, no cookie cutter coaching here - my job is to help you uncover your own internal unique and extraordinary wisdom!

The Misfit to Maven way is all about helping you to know yourself better, trust yourself, be more confident, get more done in less time, and enjoy every step of the journey - ultimately, The Misfit to Maven way will help you to feel more AHHH! about everything and live a thriving, happy, creative, kickass and kind life. (Now.)

Your options to work with me:

Misfit to Maven The Foundations.

Learn the 'The Misfit to Maven® Way'

M2M(f) is the foundations on which I (re)built my life and teaches you everything you need to know and practice in order to create and build a life less ordinary that feels as good on the inside as it perhaps looks on the outside! Its an incredibly powerful yet simple transformational process that will enable you to be the kickass and kind Creative you have always wanted to be!

Self study program. 

Misfit to Maven® 360º

Take 'The Misfit to Maven® Way' into the real world and speed up the transformation.

Live and interactive. This is our inner sanctum.

M2M360 gives you community, accountability, book club, guest trainings, and two group coaching sessions a month with Ebonie.

Make business, life, and all your relationships easier & more fun!

Accelerate your way from ARGH to AHHH.

(Choose M2M360 as an add on if you want to get group coaching, community, extra trainings and an accelerated path, choose DIY if you want to work at your own pace.)

Like a Maven: Life and Leadership 1:1 Coaching.

If you are really, truly, deeply committed to your own expansion and growth, Ebonie is still offering 1:1 private coaching for a limited time only! 

If you are looking to take your business or leadership to the next level, expand your capacity or dive deeper into manifesting your ideal Creative, Kickass and Kind life, choose from one or two VIP days (Very Intense Process) or a longer coaching package.

Please apply by booking in for a qualifying call.

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Not sure if I can help?

Want to apply for 1:1?

Book a free 10 min diagnostic call, even you have 10 mins right?

If you want to...

  • Have more fun in your business and life
  • Get really clear on your zone of genius
  • Create a consistent sense of calm
  • Feel confident and sure of yourself
  • Get clarity (on it all)
  • Work less and have more free time
  • Uplevel all areas of your life
  • Feel more courageous and alive!

... then let’s talk!

I know that your time is precious, as is mine - so why not sign up for a 10 min game changing call, where I ask you 9 questions and then tell you whether or not I can help!


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