You're intelligent, you're motivated, and you work hard - you've managed to get this far on your own, but if you're really honest its exhausting and its not sustainable.

There's not enough time or space for everything you are trying to do!

You're wearing too many hats and trying too be too many things to too many people.

If you stop for long enough to check, deep down you feel 'ARGH!' about your business or your life and you'd love to feel a sense of 'AHHH!' instead.

You've gotten this far on pure grit and determination, but now you're ready for it to be easier, smoother, simpler and more FUN!

I can help!

Just be clear though, there's no formula, no follow my lead path, no cookie cutter coaching here - my job is to help you uncover your own internal unique and extraordinary wisdom!

The Misfit to Maven way is all about helping you to know yourself better, trust yourself, be more confident, get more done in less time, and enjoy every step of the journey - ultimately, The Misfit to Maven way will help you to feel more AHHH! about everything and live a thriving, happy, creative, kickass and kind life. (Now.)

The Misfit to Maven Way:

You can read the MISFIT MANIFESTO here.

The journey of going from a Misfit to a Maven is one that will take you on a journey of personal discovery and insight. You'll fall in love with your self as you choose to become someone you are proud of.

You'll discover what you really want.

You'll learn how powerful you really are.

You'll become more confident, more calm, more creative, more courageous.

You'll live in flow and abundance.

You'll get to live your best life and honour your true and highest potential.

There are layers and levels of this work, its a complete journey and there is a path to follow.

Let me be your guide...

There are three levels of The Misfit to Maven Journey.

The first step involves an increase of awareness.

It involves learning how to alter perspective and shift your consciousness.

Level 1: 'Misfit to Maven'

You quite often feel like you have very little control over one or more areas of your life, maybe it’s money, or business, family, or relationships, your body or your health but there’s always one area that feels just out of your control and it’s SO frustrating!

Sometimes it feels like the universe is out to get you.

Why do things have to be so hard and confusing?

If you had a little more clarity, were more confident, had just a little more disciplined or were able to retain just a little more of what you’ve spent time learning, then maybe you’d be where you ‘should’ be by now.

By doing this work, you'll shift your perception and go from:

Hopeless to Hopeful.

Confused to Clear.

Burdened to Open.


Misfit to Maven® The Fundamentals >> DIY Edition/Self Study

Learn the 'The Misfit to Maven® Way'

M2M(f) is the foundations on which I (re)built my life and teaches you everything you need to know and practice in order to create and build a life less ordinary that feels as good on the inside as it perhaps looks on the outside! Its an incredibly powerful yet simple transformational process that will enable you to be the kickass and kind Creative you have always wanted to be!

Self study program. 

Misfit to Maven® 360º >> Misfit to Maven: Accelerated

Speed up 'The Misfit to Maven®' transformation.

Live and interactive. This is the inner sanctum.

360º gives you community, accountability, book club, guest trainings, & two group coaching sessions a month with Ebonie.

Make business, life, and all your relationships easier & more fun!

Accelerate your way from ARGH to AHHH.

Going Deeper...

The second step requires you to take responsibility, to face and embrace your shadows and choose to choose who you are, NOW.

Level 2: 'Adulting'

Those at a stage in their business, career or personal development are being asked to explore their own depths, trust their own mystery and potential and address balance.

Right now you are defining your self worth by your external environment. Your desire for success and achievement are distractions -  in order to really thrive, you get to take responsibility for your reality and find new measures and markers for success.

By doing this work, you'll take extreme ownership and go from:

Incongruent to Alignment.

Victim to Empowered.

Fighting to Flow.


Your Thing: Sure Thing

‘YTST’ will help you to Adult the F up, get clear & and confident in your business, and in your life –and once and for all know what YOUR THING is.

In just 90 days you’ll have such clarity that you can fully focus on your making your creativity and your personal relationships your priority, without losing faith, momentum or feeling like an imposter.

Where you now see your true self as dangerous and messy, I see infinite possibilities and limitless love.

By doing this work your current reality will transform from a prison to a playground.

By completing this 12 week program, you’ll

  • Have deeper more fulfilling relationships (think orgasmic sex and deeply profound ‘mind fucking’)
  • Be a magnet for the life you desire, instead of having to chase it
  • Be able to parent with coherence instead of anxiety
  • Let your parents deal with their own stuff, instead of thinking its your responsibility
  • Choose to live responsibly AND have fun (you can have both!)
  • Confidently forge your own path rather than waiting to be rescued or validated
  • Know that your creativity is magic and the path to infinite possibilities rather than messy, uncontrolled or dangerous
  • Own your gifts and monetise them, without selling out or compromising your values
  • Claim your talents rather than playing them down, or diminishing their value.

Find out more HERE..

Advanced programs...

The third step is where you get to master true confidence, and SHINE which only really happens when you've done the others steps.

Level 3: 'Maven Mastery'

If you try and skip to level three it'll not stick. We must first know how to shift & manage our state and have gotten comfortable facing our shadows. You must know yourself, face yourself, be ready to die and be reborn a thousand times.

Only then can we go from pushing and striving to flowing and thriving.

This level is where we reinvent ourselves day by day. This is Maven Mastery.

By doing this work, you'll get to live an abundant and prosperous life with ease and grace and go from:

Invisible to influential.

Fragmented to whole.

Wondering to knowing.


The MORE Mastermind begins 1st Feb and runs til 1st Nov.

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Working with me 1:1:

Life and Leadership 1:1 Coaching.

If you are really, truly, deeply committed to your own expansion and growth, Ebonie is still offering 1:1 private coaching for a limited time only! 

If you are looking to take your business or leadership to the next level, expand your capacity or dive deeper into manifesting your ideal Creative, Kickass and Kind life, choose from one or two VIP days (Very Intense Process) or a longer coaching package.

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  • Get clarity (on it all)
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  • Uplevel all areas of your life
  • Feel more courageous and alive!

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